Sponsor a Child

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We are all quite familiar with the lifesaving benefit of child sponsorship in the life of a third world orphan child. It is not a new concept. It’s value has been proven over and over in numerous successful non-profit organizations. Pay It Forward Ethiopia Inc. has reached a point where sponsorships will allow us to rescue more children from street life and child trafficking. We have the infrastructure in place as we transform the lives of over 60 children as you are reading this plea. There are still an estimated 100,000 orphans barely surviving on the streets of Addis Ababa today. The international market for trafficked children has found its way to the streets of Addis Ababa. These incredible, beautiful, vulnerable children are being exploited and it is absolutely heart wrenching. Our service model and partner NGO, Hold My Hand, has been recognized nationally several times by the powers that be through Ethiopian media outlets. It is a progressive, modern approach to orphan care that focuses on providing forever homes for the children with live-in, 24/7 house moms and social workers. We are creating forever families for these children. Our program is providing a tangible exit strategy from generational poverty and homelessness, as well as a much needed social safety net. It is working, and you can become an integral part of the ongoing solution.

I would like to attempt to describe the “what’s in it for me” part of the equation. This is the most difficult part… We tend to have a pretty narrow idea of “family”. We identify immediate family, extended family, blood relatives, and a host of other labels. The naked truth is simple and easy to fit into our definitions; family is the opening of our hearts to the vulnerable and the oppressed. If you can open your eyes to see these kids, it is an easy transition to opening your heart. We encourage you to make the commitment to come alongside these most vulnerable children. You will be blessed.

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How It Works

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Your sponsorship dollars will be used to insure the best practices in healthcare, education, emotional, and spiritual guidance for your child and the entire family home they live in. You will be able to experience their daily lives through our web page updates, and through our new blog posts. We are developing a special Facebook page just for sponsors and supporters of Pay it Forward Ethiopia and Hold My Hand. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the daily challenges and struggles of your child and their Hold My Hand family. You will be able to virtually enjoy the house celebrations and milestones, as well as experience any setbacks and heartbreaks . . . just like your local family.

We will encourage you to provide your photos and short biography to help the child visualize their new family dynamics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my contribution go directly to the child I am sponsoring?

Your contribution goes towards the children’s home’s costs as a whole. There isn’t a separate account for each child. This allows the funds to go where they are most needed. Every child is cared for equally providing them all a safe, stable environment to learn and grow.

How do I contact the child I am sponsoring?

At this time our team has determined that due to the political climate of the country, letter writing, and picture exchanges seem to be causing more distraction for the kids than they merit. We are diligently trying to improve their lives where they are. The photos and descriptions of our way of life do not add any benefit to their situations. They are well aware of a merciful God who watches over them, and of you, the donors who contribute real time resources to help them reach their potential.

Can I contact the child directly?

We strongly discourage direct contact. This is for your safety and theirs. There are topics and conversations that may not translate well, and we don’t want misunderstandings to result. It’s also inherently dangerous for your contact information to be available in a foreign country. We don’t want scammers to pretend to be your sponsored child and take advantage of you.

What do I do if I have more questions?

If you have any questions please contact the email address that is provided to you for correspondence. A team member will get back to you.